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Founded in 1995, Dita has revolutionized the eyewear industry by pushing the boundaries of conventional designs. Co-founded by Japanese designers John Juniper and Jeff Solorio, the brand has become synonymous with timeless elegance, drawing inspiration from vintage eyewear from the 1950s to the 1980s. With their unparalleled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, Dita has cemented its position as a luxury eyewear market leader.

Dita is a luxury brand of eyewear that has gained a reputation for its high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unique designs. There are several reasons why Dita glasses are considered luxury items and are often priced at a higher range.

Why is Dita Popular

It is no surprise that Dita’s designs have gained tremendous popularity, especially their captivating limited-edition styles. Each pair of Dita glasses represents a true reflection of the brand’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. From the moment the idea is conceived to the final design completion, a staggering eight-month process ensues, ensuring uncompromising quality at every stage.

Dita’s Master Artisans

Dita’s popularity is all thanks to their strong focus on craftsmanship and the incredible dedication of their artisans and master craftsmen. These talented individuals have spent up to 50 years refining their skills and mastering eyewear creation. Their passion and expertise shine through in every pair of Dita glasses, making them exceptional.

Dita’s Unhurried Approach

A single DITA frame is created via an intricate method that requires up to 320 unique manufacturing processes and takes an incredible eight months to finish. DITA maintains a delicate balance between traditional and modern production techniques throughout this meticulous journey. They carefully select the most suitable methods and technologies at each stage to ensure the best possible outcome.

In a world where mass production often takes center stage, Dita stands out by upholding the traditions and values of artisanal craftsmanship.

DITA’s Technological Approach to Crafting Eyewear

DITA’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by its use of cutting-edge computer-aided design (CAD) technology in frame design. This sophisticated technology assists in tackling the intricate and technical aspects of creating eyewear. Interestingly, the same costly and advanced CAD technology employed in designing top-tier wristwatches and automobiles is utilized by DITA.

Crafting DITA frames involves transforming flat sheets of acetate into beautifully curved components. This process is a proper art form in itself. DITA’s skilled craftsmen employ custom-made metal dies specially fitted into specialized heat presses. This combination of craftsmanship and technology allows DITA to create its iconic frame shapes and designs with precision and expertise.

DITA’s Popularity Among Celebrities

Dita has become a coveted brand in Hollywood, with its eyewear gracing the faces of notable characters on the big screen. Renowned celebrities like Usher, Nicki Minaj, and Ryan Reynolds have been spotted sporting Dita glasses, adding to the brand’s allure and popularity.

The association of Dita with such prominent figures in the entertainment industry has further cemented its reputation as a stylish and sophisticated eyewear brand. As these A-list celebrities don Dita frames on and off the screen, they effortlessly elevate the brand’s image. They make it a go-to choice for fashion-forward individuals seeking eyewear that exudes class and elegance.


Usher in Dita glasses

Usher is wearing Dita sunglasses at the VMA. Source: Dita Pinterest


Our Favorite Dita Products

DITA Mach-One 

For those who love fast cars, speed boats, and sleek planes, the Mach-One sunglasses by Dita are the perfect choice. Made with a titanium front frame, nose pads and acetate temple tips, these stylish shades are sure to turn heads.


The lightweight design of the VERS TWO OPTICAL frame makes it a viable option for daily use. In addition to its distinctive frame weight and form, VERS TWO OPTICAL is notable for incorporating a traditional lens design that is still popular today while adding contemporary customization options.

Midnight Special

Crafted from lightweight titanium, Midnight Special sunglasses boast durability and comfort, while the two-tone metal plating exudes sophistication. The floating side lens rim with Nylor and diamond detail, custom flex hinges, and acetate temple tips showcase the meticulous attention to detail in this stylish masterpiece. Embrace the luxury and elevate your style with Dita sunglasses.

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