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Discover Bevel Eyewear Designs

French Optical presents New Yorkers with a unique opportunity to discover luxury and sophistication like never before. As an authorized dealer of Bevel eyewear frames, French Optical carries the latest selection in high-end eyewear frames for those looking for chic style combined with sophisticated flair. Visit French optical store to start making your fashion statement today.

Since 1999, Bevel has been fostering a culture of individuality and confidence with their unique eyewear designs. Believing that glasses are as much an expression of personal style as the clothes one wears or makeup they choose to use, Bevel strives to give everyone a platform for self-expression through fashion!

With Bevel, wearing prescription lenses can not only help you see better – it also helps to bring attention to an often overlooked aspect of beauty: your face. By helping people feel great about themselves through appealing eyewear, Bevel strives to make everyone look and feel their best.

French Optical offers an array of eyewear that can frame your face in the perfect way. Discover Bevel, a selection designed to bring out features and define your look! Visit French Optical boutique to explore their collection today for the ideal pair.

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Why Choose Bevel Eyewear

Bevel eyewear is adored by countless fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the range of features it offers. From its sleek designs, to superior material and performance capabilities, Bevel has become a go-to choice for anyone looking to make an elegant statement in style.


Bevel Eyewear is the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship. With only ethically sourced materials, from their iconic acetate frame designs to their hand-crafted titanium lightweight but strong eyewear ensure an elevated experience no matter what shape or size you choose.


Bevel knows that your face is an invaluable asset and their eyewear frames are crafted to emphasize its unique beauty. With a range of flattering colors, each pair will accentuate your features with vibrancy – creating that perfect image you are looking for.

Star Power

Get the look of your celeb idols with Bevel eyewear! Taylor Swift, Oliver Stone, Matt Damon and Susan Sarandon have all stepped out wearing bespectacled frames from this popular brand. Upgrade any ensemble – or channel your inner Hollywood icon – by donning a pair of stylish, hand crafted high-end eyeglasses.

Get Your Own Luxury Bevel Specs

Get the same head-turning, fashion forward look as your favorite stars! Bevel eyewear offers stylish frames for those wanting to emulate their style icons. From Taylor Swift’s glamourous cat eye glasses to Oliver Stone’s signature round spectacles, you can now walk in their footsteps with a pair of Bevel sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses or both.