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Face a Face
Eyewear Retailer

Embark on a journey of style and sophistication with Face A Face eyewear from French Optical. Boasting over 25 years in the business, this French brand consistently creates audacious frames that act as an expression of creative freedom – making each design truly unique. Find your perfect fit now!

Face A Face eyewear collections are renowned for their creative expression that draw on exquisite materials, bold design and luxurious appearance. With an eye to detail in creating fashion-forward frames with striking color palettes, the pieces have a character all of its own, making them ideal for customers who see themselves as unique individuals. 

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Why Choose Face A Face Eyewear?

Step into a world of European luxury when you shop at French Optical, your exclusive source for the iconic Face A Face eyewear collection. Featuring daring designs and uncompromising quality, these frames will make an unforgettable impression.

Avant-Garde Design

Face A Face is an iconic fashion house that isn’t afraid to boldly push the boundaries of modern design. Showcasing a diverse array of colours and forms, their pieces are both creative and stylish – thoughtfully crafted with each piece being impressively distinctive in its own right. Such designs bring together classic art motifs with daring contemporary architecture styles for truly distinct visual creations.

Modern and Colorful

Trendsetters rejoice! Face A Face’s newest collections of eyewear provide a vibrant palette for any fashionista. Whether you’re after Eileen specs, with their playful curves and angles or Gordon glasses’ captivating graphics and sculpted frames, there’s something to please every eye in these modern masterpieces.

Crafted with Care

The intricate detail of Face A Face frames is unmatched – from their timeless designs that command attention to the meticulous, straight-milled cuts and perfectly machined angles. Each frame in all its collections has been crafted with exquisite precision by an expert team of artisans located in France and Italy, creating unique yet classic styles suitable for any gender.

Come in For a Face A Face Eyeglass Fitting

Transform your look in an instant with Face A Face Eyeglass Fitting! Let French Optical, the exclusive partner of this iconic eyewear brand, perfect and customize a new pair just for you. Get those modern frames with prescription lenses the same day.