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Uncover a world of unique Danish eyewear designs and make your mark with award-winning, masterfully crafted titanium glasses. Find the perfect pair to express yourself here!

Explore the limitless possibilities with LINDBERG’s stunning eyewear collections! From titanium and horn to acetate, wood and even precious metals – there are seemingly endless combinations that let you create a totally unique look. Get ready to dive into an array of luxurious designs created just for your discerning taste. Lindberg’s unwavering commitment to cutting-edge design has earned them global acclaim, with 112 awards confirming their status as the premier frontrunner in eyewear.

Explore Lindberg

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Why Choose Lindberg Eyewear

Discover an extraordinary range of eyewear from LINDBERG, featuring exquisite materials such as titanium, horn, acetate and wood. With seemingly endless possibilities for customisation through their modular system containing billions of combinations – you can create a totally unique pair to express your individual style! Satisfy your curiosity by exploring the collections today.

Explore the Lindberg Collections

Spirit Titanium

With the LINDBERG spirit titanium collection, you can experience pristine minimalism in eyewear design. These glasses are perfect for those searching for an elegant and modern look without compromising on comfort or quality.

Air Titanium

LINDBERG disrupted the eyewear industry with air titanium, a revolutionary Danish design icon. At the time it debuted in the mid-eighties, glasses were characterized by cumbersome components and lack of individualized fit–two problems that this innovative product line managed to solve through its sleek modular build system crafted from lightweight yet durable titanium material.

Air Titanium Rim

Introducing the air titanium rim collection: eyewear that radiates contemporary sophistication. With this lightweight line-up, LINDBERG has achieved a feat of modern design mastery – combining strong aesthetics with effortless chic in one stylish package.


LINDBERG unveils the breathtaking thintanium eyewear collection – a revolutionary fusion of modern technology and titanium that shatters traditional ideas about thinness. With its patent pending design, this outstanding range sees LINDBERG engineers challenging conventional manufacturing processes; reaching exciting new levels of lightness with an unparalleled strength. Setting a bold vision for the future, it’s clear why we are so proud to present our newest creation: The remarkable thintanium collection!

N.O.W. Titanium

The n.o.w titanium collection is the epitome of modern fashion, with its glossy composite fronts and delicate titanium temples creating an enviable contrast between lightness and bold expression – perfect for any wardrobe update!

Strip Titanium

The LINDBERG strip titanium collection cleverly combines cutting-edge technology with modern design. Crafted from ultra-lightweight and hypoallergenic premium titanium, the glasses are created using laser cutting for precision detailing on a range of sleek frames that offer impressive levels of stability without sacrificing style or comfort. This versatile selection offers something to suit every face shape – lightweight luxury awaits!


With LINDBERG’s iconic acetanium collection, add a touch of subtle sophistication to your style that will last for years. Featuring the perfect blend between beautiful natural acetate and resilient titanium metal frame construction, this glasses range lets you take classic fashion with you everywhere. Effortlessly luxurious – an everyday essential!

Buffalo Titanium

Exuding sophistication and sleekness, the LINDBERG buffalo titanium collection is crafted with a perfect balance of nature’s strong buffalo horn material and our signature lightweight titanium. This blend results in an exquisite eyewear piece that adds undeniable elegance to any look.

Trae+Buffalo Titanium

LINDBERG Crafts a Timeless Beauty with træ+buffalo Titanium Collection. Each piece is made of Buffalo Horn and Fine Wood, two natural materials that together bring out the unique nature beauty adorned on every frame in this collection. Both elements show remarkable detail within their structure, making each pair truly one-of-a-kind.

Sun Titanium

The LINDBERG sun titanium collection is a brilliant blend of timeless design and modern fashion. Its unique mix of contemporary statement pieces adds an edgy flair to any look, making it the perfect accessory for anyone looking to make a standout style impression.

Kid | Teen

LINDBERG kid/teen collection offers a unique opportunity for kids to look fabulous yet feel comfortable in their eyewear. With glasses that are strong and durable, children can keep up with their busy lives without having to compromise on style or functionality. The same classic LINDBERGS benefits come along with all of these frames – no matter who’s wearing them!


LINDBERG Precious – nothing exudes luxury and prestige like the exclusive eyewear from LINDBERG’s prestigious collection. Crafted out of solid gold, platinum, buffalo hornand studded with top quality diamonds for a dazzling effect; these majestic glasses are sure to make an opulent statement in any outfit!

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