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true minimalism

the LINDBERG spirit titanium collection

The spirit titanium collection is clean design at its best, giving you the ideal glasses if you’re seeking absolute minimalism.

The spirit hinge is the perfect embodiment of the collection as a whole. With its minimalistic design it is the ideal fit for any of our lightweight rimless models.

What makes the spirit models’ appearance truly special? The glasses have been expertly designed to obstruct nothing on your face, furthermore: they are among our lightest. The perfect mix of subtlety and comfort. The beautiful rimless glasses can weigh as little as 1.9 grams making them the embodiment of ultra-lightweight eyewear.

customise the classics

The spirit titanium collection is an icon among rimless eyewear. The designs come in many shapes and sizes and can be customised using our unique building system to fit any face shape. This means we are giving you the freedom to put together the perfect piece. Every pair is a one-off item made-to-order and meticulously hand-finished in-house.

2446/615 – P10/PU13

2436/basic – P60/GC103

2440/611 – P70

2442/600 – P10/U33/GC92

2444/611 – PGT/PU12

2424/616 – GT/PU13

2410/614 – U9/EEU9/GC77

2419/608 – 10/107EB

2408/615 – GT

2442/616 – GT/SL89

Add tint to bring extra expression to your rimless glasses.

a testament to titanium

The collection is a testament to the possibilities of titanium in rimless eyewear. As the first to use titanium successfully in eyewear, we have spent over three decades mastering the raw material to perfection.

Today, working with titanium is one of our strongest skills. The strong metal is known for its beneficial properties: it is ultra-lightweighthypoallergenicflexible and durable. All these features are on display in the spirit collection with its groundbreaking comfort.

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2469 – GC72/EE05

2469 – GC72/EE05

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2473/703 – PGT/ED/GC02

2488/702 - PU16

2488/702 - PU16

2488/702 - PU16

2488/702 - PU16

Choose your favourite shape from our wide selection.

an important feature

Temples are one of the most important features of your rimless glasses. Our delicate spirit temples come in numerous variations based on: elegant titanium wire, expressive titanium plate and colourful acetate – all are made without the use of screws. A wide variety of different temple designs is available in a multitude of beautiful colours – perfect for expressing your personal style.

in the groove

Adding groove colour or tint to your rimless glasses is a great way to make the shape stand out. Choose a vibrant groove colour or be bold by choosing fashionable tinted lenses. Choose from our 24 different groove colours and add your personal touch.

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The LINDBERG fit is a perfect fit for any face, as our temples come in different lengths and are adjustable. You also have the option of choosing between different multi-adjustable ergonomic nose pads made from suitable material like medical silicone designed for optimising comfort.

To underline the handcrafted quality of LINDBERG, each piece is bestowed a unique product number. Furthermore, since each pair is made-to-order we engrave your name in your LINDBERG glasses – making them truly one of a kind.

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