Shamir Autograph® III

Always Improving Vision

Shamir Autograph® III is a progressive lens that is specifically designed to provide the clearest and most comfortable vision possible. By taking into consideration additional parameters while designing the Shamir Autograph® III, Shamir’s R&D team developed many new features that provide patients with an optimized visual experience that is truly enhanced and personalized to their individual needs. Shamir Autograph® III is always improving vision, making it the perfect choice for those who want the best possible lens option.


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The Real Vision Experience

Shamir Autograph® III is the latest generation of Shamir’s groundbreaking Eye-Point Technology. Building on the success of the previous generations, Shamir Autograph® III reverse engineers the way we see the world and creates a more natural viewing experience for all patients regardless of lens power or frame choice. 


With Shamir Autograph® III, patients will enjoy:


– A more natural viewing experience, as the technology simulates real world images

– Improved clarity and contrast sensitivity, for better vision in all lighting conditions

– Greater comfort and less eye fatigue, thanks to the wider viewing zone of the lens.


 Shamir Autograph® III is the perfect lens for those who want the best possible vision, regardless of their prescription or frame choice. If you’re looking for a truly amazing visual experience, Shamir Autograph® III is the lens for you.


New Design Concept

The Shamir Autograph III New Design Concept is based on the idea of a dynamically located near viewing zone. This means that the position of the near viewing zone is automatically adjusted to take into account the power of the prescription, whether it is positive or negative. This reduces the need for tilting the head forward or back, or raising or lowering a book, in order to find the right viewing distance and angle. This results in reduced postural discomfort and a more natural posture during near viewing. Shamir Autograph III is therefore an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy comfortable and effortless near vision.


Powerful Clear Vision

Shamir Autograph® III is the latest addition to Shamir’s family of progressive lenses, offering wearers clear vision at all distances. The new Shamir Autograph III features Shamir’s Variable Power Profile technology, which gives the lens variable emphasis on power for every given point. This makes Shamir Autograph III the perfect lens for today’s modern lifestyles that include frequent use of digital devices. Shamir Autograph III also offers superior viewing comfort for every viewing distance and activity. With Shamir Autograph III, you’ll enjoy clear vision and ultimate comfort no matter what your day throws at you.

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