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Advantages of Progressive Lenses

Imagine reading the finest print in your favorite novel, working on your computer, and gazing at distant horizons, all with one pair of glasses. Welcome to the world of progressive lenses, the height of optical innovation that provides seamless vision correction for near, intermediate, and far distances. These lenses are your ticket to clarity and convenience, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of spectacles. French Optical Fashion, Inc. explores the primary advantages of choosing progressive lenses for your visual needs.


Progressive lenses are incredibly durable, a significant plus point for those leading an active and busy lifestyle. We incorporate superior materials that withstand daily wear and tear, offering a sturdy and long-lasting eyewear solution. Moreover, the quality hardware used in constructing these lenses ensures longevity and robust performance. To further instill confidence in our product, we offer a two-year warranty for any manufacturer defects.

Uninterrupted Vision

The convenience of having a seamless, uninterrupted vision is the most significant advantage of progressive lenses. With frame-mounted progressive lenses, you don’t have to tilt your head or remove your glasses to change focus points. The lens surface design offers a smooth transition across the visual field, giving you a clear vision from near to far and everywhere. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Progressive lenses provide the ideal solution for those who don’t want to carry multiple pairs of glasses. Their clean, sleek design makes progressive lenses look as good as fashionable frames that mask bifocals or trifocals. You can choose from our variety of lens materials and colors to get the style you want without compromising your vision. 

Customized for Your Needs

At French Optical Fashion, Inc., we recognize that all patients have different visual needs. Our optometrists will measure your pupil distance and identify which segment of your lens will be used most frequently to create highly customized lenses based on your prescription. Moreover, you’re not limited to specific frames. They can be expertly fitted into the eyewear of your choice by our licensed professionals.


Although the upfront cost is a bit higher, progressive lenses are a cost-effective solution in the long run. Think about the money you’ll save from not having to purchase separate pairs for reading, computer use, and distance viewing. 

Compact Design

The design of progressive lenses is much more compact than bifocals or trifocals, allowing for a larger area for the lens surface to be used for distance viewing and intermediate vision correction. The added design flexibility provides an enhanced field of view beyond what you can see with traditional lenses. 

Reduced Glare

Unlike ordinary lenses, progressive lenses provide enhanced vision for night-time activities with minimal glare and improved clarity. Our lenses come equipped with anti-reflective coatings that reduce reflection from artificial and natural light sources, allowing for

Easy Adaptation

Progressive lenses are designed to be user-friendly and comfortable. It’s easy to adapt to a new pair of progressive glasses, even if you’re not used to the design. Our team will provide helpful instructions and tips on how to get accustomed to these lenses, increasing the chances of a successful transition. 

Improved Dexterity

Frame-mounted progressive lenses have an added benefit for those who need extra dexterity when it comes to reading and viewing. Instead of tilting your head or removing your glasses, you can move your eyes up and down to view near and far objects. This minimizes neck strain and improves comfort during reading activities. 

Advanced Technology

Our progressive lenses are manufactured with advanced optical technology to provide the best vision clarity and performance. We use state-of-the-art designs, such as freeform lens manufacturing, that offer superior lens accuracy and visual comfort for all distances. 

Enhanced Comfort

The smooth transition between different lens segments eliminates visible lines that can cause discomfort. With progressive lenses, you can experience maximum vision clarity without harsh transitions between near and far distances.

Expert Craftmanship

At French Optical Fashion, Inc., quality is at the core of our operations. Our optometrists and technicians take the time to craft each pair with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that you get a truly superior product. Rest assured that all our lenses are crafted to exacting standards, with quality control measures at every step of the production process. 

Whether you’re looking for convenience or style, progressive lenses offer a range of advantages that make them an ideal choice for eyewear solutions. With these lenses, you can enjoy sharper vision and improved clarity. From superior durability to custom-made lenses designed for your needs, you can trust our experienced team to craft the ideal pair of glasses to meet all your vision requirements. Contact French Optical Fashion today to learn more about the benefits of progressive lenses and our wide selection of lens materials, designs, styles, and colors.

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