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LINDBERG is a remarkable leader in the global eyewear industry, known for its distinctive mindset and unwavering commitment to design excellence. As an independent and design-oriented high-end brand, LINDBERG stands out as the most significant player in the market, with a global reach and an unparalleled reputation for quality and innovation.

With a unique approach to eyewear design, LINDBERG blends cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship to create eyewear that is not only stylish but also incredibly lightweight and comfortable. This commitment to innovation has earned LINDBERG numerous prestigious awards and accolades and a loyal following among discerning consumers worldwide.

Awards and Accolades

LINDBERG is a vertically integrated company involved in all aspects of the eyewear manufacturing process, from design and development to production, marketing, and sales. 

One of the hallmarks of LINDBERG’s success is its commitment to design excellence. Over the years, the brand has been recognized with an impressive 77 design awards, a testament to the creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship that goes into each frame. These awards include prestigious accolades such as the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the Good Design Award, among others.

LINDBERG Industry-famous Collections

LINDBERG has several industry-famous collections that have made a lasting impact on the eyewear industry. 

LINDBERG thintanium

The LINDBERG design and engineering team has achieved a remarkable feat by pushing the boundaries of titanium eyewear. It is introducing the world’s thinnest titanium eyewear collection – the patent-pending LINDBERG thintanium collection. This collection is a true masterpiece, boasting a sleek, clean, and elegant look that is set to define future eyewear fashion.

The ultra-thin design of the thintanium collection is truly a work of art, with its delicate and refined aesthetic that exudes sophistication and style. The screwless friction hinges add to the light and graceful appearance of the frames while also ensuring stability and durability. Despite its thinness, the thintanium collection maintains the stability and strength of an entire titanium front while appearing essentially rimless in design.

LINDBERG strip titanium collection

It is introducing the LINDBERG strip titanium collection, named for its innovative use of titanium strips. Each element of the frames is precision laser-cut from premium titanium plates and expertly formed to create lightweight yet incredibly stable glasses.

The strip collection combines the many benefits of titanium, including hypoallergenic properties, exceptional durability, and an ultra-lightweight design. Using titanium strips allows for creating unique and intricate designs, each as well-crafted as it is visually stunning.

LINDBERG’s award-winning acetate technology allows delicate components to be mounted without screws or adhesives, creating a sleek and minimalist design. This clever engineering eliminates the bulk found in similar designs, resulting in strip titanium frames that achieve maximum visual impact with minimal use of material.

LINDBERG, the air titanium rim collection

Experience wire frame eyewear at its finest with the LINDBERG air titanium rim collection. This collection embodies the brand’s design philosophy, featuring sleek and contemporary designs with uncompromising attention to detail.

Crafted with uncompromising attention to detail, the LINDBERG air titanium rim collection celebrates functionalism. The iconic hinge showcases this philosophy in motion – expertly engineered for maximum simplicity and elegance without any excess decoration like screws or rivets. 

LINDBERG acetanium collection

The Acetanium collection, an inspired combination of nature’s finest acetate and LINDBERS’s signature titanium, is a revolutionary design. Its lightweight bridge paved by reinforced titanium empowers wearers with unprecedented comfortability while delivering an unparalleled look of elegance, truly pioneering eyewear at its best!

This remarkable material offers unparalleled versatility and luster. With a range of finishes from glossy to matte, it is both lightweight and hypoallergenic—similar to titanium.

LINDBERG n.o.w. titanium collection

The n.o.w Titanium Collection offers an ideal combination of stylishness and lightweight, with thin composite fronts and lightweight titanium temples embodying the brand’s signature characteristics for a stunning look that won’t weigh you down.

LINDBERG eyewear has revolutionized the production of ultra-thin front frames, utilizing revolutionary composite materials and state-of-the-art techniques to provide unrivaled strength and flexibility.

LINDBERG sun titanium

Lindberg Sun Titanium eyewear offers the perfect combination of style and comfort with its screwless hinges, adjustable bridges, and personalized nose pads & temple lengths. 

The minimalistic designs are crafted to provide the utmost comfort and flexibility, along with superior quality lenses that offer desirable vision clarity and optimal protection against unwanted glare. Additionally, this selection of anti-reflective coated lenses guarantees extraordinary optical qualities paired with ultimate UV protection.

With this collection, you can unleash your creativity and design a pair of glasses that perfectly complements your face shape and personal style. Whether you prefer bold and edgy designs or classic and understated frames, the customizable options offered by LINDBERG ensure that you’ll find the perfect fit for any occasion. From sleek and minimalist to intricate and ornate, the possibilities are endless with this collection.

Definitely Worth the Investment

Lindberg glasses are worth the investment because they are made with the highest quality and craftsmanship. The brand’s commitment to innovation and design has led to several industry-famous collections, including the Air Titanium, Strip Titanium, and Horn collections, which have revolutionized the eyewear industry. Lindberg’s use of premium-quality materials like titanium, acetate, and water buffalo horn ensures that their frames are stylish but also durable and long-lasting.

When you invest in a pair of Lindberg glasses, you are investing in a piece of eyewear that is functional and a work of art.



  • Gary says:

    I have had several pairs and they are garbage.
    Lenses crack due to the unique mounting and the frames are incredibly uncomfortable.
    Don’t waste money on Lindberg.

  • Nelle Row says:

    I have a pair of Lindberg glasses and they are the most comfortable, lightweight glasses I have ever owned. Also very strong.

  • Jay says:

    Please don’t waste your money. Customer service sucks. The nose piece slipped out of the frame and they decided my expensive glasses are not worth fixing.

    Not worth the money.

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  • Jayagopi Baskaran says:

    I just bought one,n I found it nice n comfort I am a Malaysian

  • Dr Aloke kumar Gupta says:

    Just purchased a glass frame 5526 Thintanium and got my progressive crizal Rock with Transsition Xtractive mounted. It is very lioght weight. Frame weighs 3 gms and with glasses 16.5 gms. Right now I amd satisfied, for future God knows. I am from India

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