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Asian fit glasses are available in a wide range of luxury styles that always impress. Look for quality styles from your optician that will look great at work, around town, or at dinner. Find styles for reading or all-day wear with bold lines or nearly invisible frames. This type of fit is sometimes called the global fit or the low-bridge fit. The frame and nose pads are designed to ensure the wearer can use the lenses properly while looking stylish. Here are more details about these glasses and why many people prefer them.

1. Larger Nose Pads

People with lower bridges often find larger nose pads helpful. Smaller pads typically cause the glasses to slide down uncomfortably. It can also be much harder to see when your glasses sit too low.

2. Flattering Frame Shapes

Asian fit glasses look great on people with lower bridges and higher cheekbones. Asian fit glasses look great on people who are not Asian and need the same type of frame as well. 

3. No More Lenses Sitting Against Your Cheeks

Lenses that rest on the wearer’s cheeks are a classic issue when people can’t find the right fit. Let an optician and a well-stocked showroom take care of your worries. These frames are conveniently labeled from the brands that make them. Ask your optician about the availability of this type of frame in their showroom. Many suppliers have a large number of these types of frames in trendy styles. 

French Optical Fashion, Inc. provides stylish clients in New York City with an exceptional selection of luxury glasses. Let one of our expert opticians help you find a pair you’ll love today.

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