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What Are Titanium Frames?

Imagine titanium’s sleek, durable, and ultra-lightweight design, delicately crafted into stylish frames. Unlock a new level of comfort and sophistication with French Optical Fashion, Inc.’s range of titanium frames. Intricately designed for the discerning client, our titanium frames balance elegance with practicality, making them a must-have addition to your eyewear collection. Ready to redefine your eyewear experience? Read on.

Defining Titanium Frames 

As the name suggests, titanium frames are eyewear frames forged from titanium, a highly durable, corrosion-resistant metal known for its incredible strength-to-weight ratio. Titanium’s lightweight nature makes the frames comfortable for extended periods, thus offering a seamless eyewear experience even to those with sensitive skin or heavy prescription lenses. 

Coupled with its ability to withstand high-stress levels, titanium makes for a highly resilient frame material, capable of retaining its shape over time. Furthermore, its hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for individuals prone to skin allergies. 

Regarding aesthetics, titanium frames can be polished to a beautiful finish and are available in various colors and styles, catering to a broad spectrum of personal tastes. French Optical Fashion, Inc. harnesses these attributes of titanium to create a range of frames that look exceptional and offer unparalleled durability and comfort.

Comfort and Versatility of Titanium Frames

French Optical Fashion, Inc.’s titanium frames are durable and incredibly comfortable, offering an effortless fit for every wearer. Given titanium’s lightweight nature, these frames minimize the stress on the bridge of the nose and behind the ears, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Additionally, titanium frames are highly versatile. Their flexible yet sturdy nature allows easy adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit for different face shapes and sizes. Furthermore, our frames are designed to complement various lens types, from single vision to progressive lenses, making them a practical choice for a wide range of vision needs.

In terms of style, our titanium frames offer a high degree of customizability. Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, they can be tailored to match your style and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic or trendy look, our titanium frames will enhance your appearance while providing the comfort and durability you desire.

Maintaining Your Titanium Frames

Taking care of your titanium frames is relatively straightforward, ensuring their longevity and consistent performance. The inherent strength and hardiness of titanium make it less prone to damage. However, a regular, gentle cleaning routine can be beneficial to keep your frames looking and feeling like new. 

We recommend using a microfiber cloth explicitly designed for eyewear to remove dust or grime from your frames. Avoid harsh fabrics or paper towels, which can scratch the lenses or damage the frame’s polish. 

Cleaning the frames with warm water and mild soap is also advisable. This method can effectively remove oils or residues that may build up over time. Avoid using hot water, as it can cause damage to the lens coatings. After washing, gently pat the frames dry with a clean, soft cloth. 

It’s good practice to store your frames in a hard case when not in use to protect them from accidental drops or scratches. Also, avoid exposing your frames to extreme temperatures, as this can impact the integrity of the material. 

Repair and Adjustment of Titanium Frames

Like any other eyewear, titanium frames may require occasional adjustments to ensure an optimal fit and comfort. Accidental drops, regular use, or changes in your facial structure can lead to slight misalignments in your frames over time. 

Most often, the parts needing adjustments are the nose pads and the temples. The nose pads can be carefully reshaped or replaced to ensure they sit right on your nose bridge, preventing the frames from sliding down. The temples can be adjusted to ensure they fit snugly around your ears, offering maximum comfort and preventing lateral sliding. 

French Optical Fashion, Inc.’s titanium frames are designed to be easily adjustable. However, visiting our professional team for significant changes or repairs is advisable. Our staff is always ready to assist, ensuring your frames always fit you perfectly and are in the best shape possible.

In the event of total damage, our titanium frames can be replaced, allowing you to enjoy the same level of comfort and convenience. With a wide range of colors and styles, you can quickly replace your existing frame with one that better suits your taste or vision needs. 


Titanium frames offer a combination of style, durability, and comfort that is hard to match. French Optical Fashion, Inc.’s range of titanium frames combines all these attributes in one package, making them an ideal choice for any eyewear enthusiast. From single-vision to progressive lenses, our frames are designed to comfortably fit any face or lens type, ensuring an effortless wearing experience. Contact us today to learn more about our titanium frames and how they can upgrade your eyewear experience. 


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